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From Sevilla we made our way into Portugal for a couple days. We spent three nights in Lagos–a small-ish beach town on the southern coast of Portugal. We spent a couple days shopping around the town—buying enough ceramic items to furnish a kitchen– and spending a bit of time at the beaches. It was a pretty low key time but fun to be back in a beach town for a couple days.


From Lagos we took a bus up to Lisbon where we stayed for two nights. On our first day we did a bit of exploring— we walked around Baixa (the old city centre) where we were staying and eventually made our way down to the river and then up to Chiado. We quickly learned that the map of Lisbon is EXTREMELY deceiving. Streets may be next to each other on a map but one is about 500 steps above the other. Needless to say we got a bit of a workout in making our way through the hilly city. That night after a bit of advice from tripadvisor we headed to Cervejaria Ramiro for quite an epic meal. After an hour of waiting a line out the door we were seated in a small room on the second floor. The restaurant was super simple looking and pretty small. We quickly looked over the menu and decided on a giant plate of crab, a couple of beers, a basket of toasted bread and grilled shrimp with garlic and olive oil. The hour wait was WELL worth it.

On Saturday we had a full day of site seeing. We started by taking the Santa Justa elevator up to the lookout point. We had a beautiful view of the city before using the passenger bridge to make our way into Chiado—the 5 euro was worth it to skip the stairs. We wandered around a bit and then caught the famous Tram 28 up to the opposite side of the city. We hopped off and walked up to St. George’s castle–I have to admit we didn’t know the history behind it so we basically enjoyed the view and wandered around a bit before walking back down. From there we wandered over to Rossio Square where we found a festival taking place… there was a stage with live music, drink stands, tents with food, wine, crafts, jewelry, etc. After taking a look around we started to make our way back to our hostel until we ran into a huge parade coming from the river. It was quite a scene…elaborate masks, full costumes, drummers, etc. etc. There were 100s of people taking part in the parade which was divided into 20+ groups that represented the different regions. We later found out that it was all part of the Annual International Iberian Mask Festival. We’ve had some good luck with our timing in some cities lately.

View from the lookout point via the Santa Justa elevator



View of Lisbon from St. George’s Castle

Mask Parade Characters

Our last day in Lisbon we spent walking around the Barrio Alto and had coffee at one of Lisbon’s oldest and most famous cafes, Cafe a Brasileria, before catching our flight to Majorca!

Cait outside Cafe Brasileria


We’ve been in Majorca for the past two days soaking up the sun. Yes, we’ve now left and went back to Spain three different times. The area of the island we’re staying in is the equivalent to downtown Cancun hah but the beach is gorgeous and the water is crystal clear so we can’t complain. Today we’re heading to Ibiza for more fun in the sun.




Jump Around

Well Hello!

We spent two nights in Munich before heading back to Spain. We were convinced it was going to rain during our weekend in Munich but we lucked out and got some decent weather. We got off the train in Marienplatz right outside of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. We happened to arrive at exactly 11:00 which is the time the Rathaus-Glockenspiel chimes and reenacts a story from the 16th century. It was a nice little start to our weekend.

We spent the next two days wandering around the streets of Munich. We visited the the Theatine Church, the English garden, the original Hofbrauhaus, and the market. One of our favorite stops was at the Eisbach river in the English garden. There is a constant wave on the river where local surfers come to river surf. We spent over an hour watching different surfers come and go.





We also happened to be in Munich during Frühlingsfest (mini Oktoberfest).



After our quick trip to Germany we met Mr. Calvello for four relaxing days in Marbella, Spain. We spent our time laying out, eating, and drinking wine. We were very content staying at the hotel and left only once for dinner in town. Thank you Mr. Calvello for awesome trip! We really needed a break from the rough life we are living…

We spent one day in Seville before heading to Portugal. While in Seville we visited the Alcázar which is the oldest palace still in use in Europe. We decided to go to Alcazar an hour before it closed to beat the rush. An hour wasn’t enough time because it is HUGE. We were worn out though so it was enough exploring for us. The next day we waited in a long line to see the cathedral. The long line was well worth it and we got some amazing views from the towers.




We are in Portugal now and will be heading back to Spain very soon!

Only 3 weeks left… 😦

Dalmatian Coast

We’re back on the road for the last leg of our adventure. We kicked things off a bit early once we heard rain was headed to Barcelona. We’ve been trying to work Croatia into our plans for the past few months and didn’t have much luck until the last couple of weeks. It’s been on the top of my list since I studied abroad so I was absolutely THRILLED when the plans fell into place so perfectly 🙂 We arrived in Dubrovnik thursday afternoon and found our way to our hostel in the old city. It was a little late in the afternoon to venture to the beach so we grabbed lunch and walked around the town. This is when we noticed people walking along the old city walls—neither of us knew much about the history of Dubrovnik let alone Croatia so this gorgeous walk ended up being very informative as well. With the help of a handy audio guide we walked the 2km around the old city walls. Aside from the beautiful views we learned a lot about the city and how important the walls were to their safety as well as about different buildings in the town and plenty of fun history facts. We ended the day with a few cold beers at this little bar on the side of the cliff and a quick dinner in town.

View of the Old City from the walk

Here we are walking the city walls

The next morning we set out for a day in the Elphatite Islands. We booked a boat trip the previous afternoon which was set to take us to three different nearby islands. Since we had arrived just before high season many of the islands weren’t in full swing so people were working hard to get the cafes, shops and bars reopened. We explored each island and spent some time at the beaches. The same very persuasive man that sold us the boat trip also suggested that we rent a car to get to Split instead of taking the bus as we had originally planned. We figured why not and the next morning we were in a little Fiat sized car driving up the coast to Split. Aside from missing our ferry out of Split the car was the best idea ever. We drove along the coast for about 90% of the way and pit stopped at a few little towns along the way. It was amazing how much the coastline changes as we drove further north. The views were unbeatable it was difficult to focus on the road :/ We finally made it to Split and after a little debacle with the rental place we ended up on a later ferry to Hvar.

Right outside of Ston, our first stop. This area is famous for mussels and oysters–you can see the oyster/mussels farms in the picture

Another little town on our way to Split.


Hvar was a little island of paradise. The weather was absolutely perfect, the Adriatic Sea was crystal clear and 10 shades of aqua and lots of friendly people. We spent our first day searching for ‘white sandy beaches’ which we quickly found out are not Croatia’s speciality. Instead we found a little jetty with flat rocks where we spent the day laying out. Today we had a quick breakfast in town and looked around for a boat going out to the nearby islands. We were in luck—an older man and his little dog Jerry took us out to St. Clement and picked us up just in time to make our ferry back to Split! It was another day spent soaking up the sun. The island had some cute restaurants with great views so we had another delish lunch full of fresh seafood.

Sunset in Hvar Town

Pulling upto the harbor at St.. Clement Island

We’re stopping in Split for the night before catching a veryyyy early flight to Munich tomorrow AM!

xxo, Giana

Spanish Recap

We’ve been pretttty lazy about updating our blog since we settled into Barcelona. But three weeks have flown by and we are on the road again. But first here is our roundup of our time in Catalonia!

After leaving Rome we made a pit stop in Valencia hoping for some warm weather and beach time before arriving in Barcelona. The weather wasn’t quiteeeee as warm as we hoped so we only made it to the beach on our last day–which was quite lovely. We spent a couple days exploring the city, feasting on paella and trying to learn a few Catalonian phrases (fail). We ended up stumbling upon the annual Food, Wine and Cava festival which was quite the find. It was an awesome experience–for 10 euro we got 5 glasses of local wine/beer/cava and 5 food samples. We tried everything from the mussels to paella to local cheeses and chocolates. Needless to say this was one of the highlights of our trip. It was also prime location for people watching–hardly any tourists so we did our best to blend in.



We said goodbye to Valencia and hopped on a train up to Barcelona. We immediately fell in love with the city. We stayed in an awesome location–right across from Barcelona Catedral, a 10 minute walk to the port, La Rambla and La Boqueria market plus plenty of great restaurants and shops nearby. We spent our days wandering around difference neighborhoods, grabbing snacks and juice at the market, walking the beaches and doing a bite of site seeing. We had a few visitors during our stay which made things more exciting. Amy stayed with us for awhile before jet-setting to Brussels on business and my mom arrived shortly after! Few highlights from our trip (and plenty of pictures below)….

– Going to a FC Barcelona game… we bought tickets last minute and I am so happy about that impulse buy. We arrived a bit late to the game (we were the only ones) and Camp Nou was buzzing with excitement. The fans (all 90,000 of them) have so much energy during the game it turned us into Barca fans.



– Tapas Tour… we ate our way around Barcelona with a little group and a lively tour guide. He explained the tapas tradition, different dishes as well as bits and pieces about the Catalan culture and the history of Barca. We made three stops in the city to try the typical tapas dishes as well as a trip to the market to learn about jamon iberico.

– Day trip to Montserrat… only an hour outside of Barcelona it couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the city. After two train rides to get up the mountain we spent an afternoon seeing the town and taking in the gorgeous views. The mountain was named ‘Mount Serrated’ because of the landscape looking like serrated edges of the rocks. We also bought enough cheese to feed a small village 🙂


– Weekend trip with my mom to Costa Brava.. My mom planned this 4 day adventure up the coast for us (thank you!). We rented a car and set out for some small towns and winding roads in the mountains. It was the perfect trip, C and I wouldn’t have visited these gorgeous towns on our own!




-St. Jordi Day… We learned about this on our tapas tour—April 23rd is St. George’s Day. St. George is the patron saint of Catalonia and the day is celebrated throughout the region with red roses and books. The red roses were typically given to the special ladies in your life (similar to valentines day) but the tradition comes from when St. George slayed the dragon and roses came from the blood. The books come from the coincidence that it is also Shakespeare’s birthday on the 23rd. It was an exciting day in the city. There were stalls set up selling flowers and some selling books all over the city.



Anddd a couple more pictures to wrap up our recap!

Cait and I in Parc Guell


La Sagrada Familia still in progress


Cait & Amy on our first night out in Barcelona!


One of the ‘big heads’ from the parade in Girona


OK Adios! Sorry for the long post 🙂

A month flies by…

Well it has been almost a month since our last post. Within the past month we have had a lot of visitors and very poor wifi connection (excuses for not posting). We spent three weeks in Italy with the majority of it being in Rome. Our first guest was Annie. She arrived a couple days after we did, just giving us enough time to adjust to the time change. During Annie’s stay we took a trip to Florence for a night and had a lot of fun purchasing leather, jewelry, scarves etc.. We also took a cooking class during Annie’s visit and learned how to make a full Italian meal. The next guest was my cousin Megan who is currently studying abroad in Florence. We missed her during our stay in Florence so I was happy she was able to visit Rome. The day after Megan arrived my mom and aunt decided to join the group in Rome. Annie, Megan, my mom, and aunt were all in Rome at the same time for one night before Annie had to fly back to Chicago. Soon after, Megan headed back to school and my mom and aunt followed her back for a couple nights until we all met in Venice. We were a little bummed that it rained during our entire stay in Venice but it didn’t ruin the beauty of the city. It even cleared up for just enough time to get a gondola ride in. After Venice we only had a few more days in Rome before we left to Spain. Our stay in Italy went by WAY to fast. Our apartment in Rome was just beginning to feel like home. We had a wonderful time exploring Rome and Giana was a fabulous tour guide during our time there. We enjoyed the food a little too much and met some interesting people along the way. We had so much fun with all of our visitors and want to thank them for traveling all this way just to see us!! Well… I guess you all got to see some pretty cool cities too.


















After a very long travel day we finally made it to Rome! We arrived on the morning of the 13th. We rented an apartment for the 3 weeks were there so we finally got to unpack our backpacks. It ended up being a very eventful first day. We woke up from a nap with bells ringing throughout Rome because white smoke had been released from the Vatican! We rushed to the Vatican and made it just in time to see Pope Francis step out and speak for the first time.


Goodbye Australia!

We just spent our LAST four days in Australia with the most lovely family in the entire country! The McDaniels are family friends of the Barretts from STL and they were kind enough to have us as house guests for our stay in Melbourne and we couldn’t have had a better time. We were completed pampered from our big comfy bed to amazing home cooked meals and lots of quality time with their family… it was a great way to end our time in Australia.

We arrived in Melbourne on Friday and were greeted by the beautiful Gillian, her dad Eddie and of course their affectionate golden retriever, Griffin. After settling into our room we got a little tour of their town, Sandringham and then relaxed with a few ice cold beers 🙂 Soon after Claire came home from swimming and Suzan returned from work so we had met the whole family! We had a weekend full of exploring the South Melbourne market, finding starfish at the beach near their house and shopping on Chapel St. It was such a perfect couple of days thanks to the McDaniels…we miss you all already!!!



Caitlin and I also spent a day at Future Music Festival which we had been looking forward to and was quite a wild time! We were highly amused by many of the Aussies wearing American NBA jerseys or MLB hats and graphic tanks with US beach towns printed on them. Our best finds…a Cardinals hat, a Blues hat and a Huntington Beach ‘singlet’ plus about a 100 Bulls jerseys.



Our four days in Melbourne went by far too quickly and when we woke up today we weren’t ready to say our goodbyes! We spent the morning hanging out with Claire and Gillian while we packed and got ready for a very long day of travel. After a delicious lunch with the girls and Eddie we headed to the airport and checked into our flight to Bangkok. Nine hours later we are hanging in the Star Alliance Lounge (thanks Dad!) waiting to board our flight to Rome. Our time in Australia really went by much too quickly and we are sitting here wishing we could stay a little bit longer. Although we can’t complain, when we wake up after our quick 13 hr flight we will be in one of my favorite cities in the world, ROMA!

We’ve been taking little videos during our last month and a half in NZ and Australia and here is the finished product… hope it gives you a little taste of some of our amazing adventures. enjoy 🙂

We <3 Sydney

After a little debacle checking our backpacks with our ‘budget airline’ we arrived in Sydney on Monday evening. We decided to take a break from the hostel life and are rented a room via Airbnb. We’re staying in an adorable townhouse with a young couple, Dec & Tori, who rent out the extra room in their house to travelers like us! It’s located in Chippendale, a cute little neighborhood right near all the ‘unis’. Our first night we just explored the area and grabbed some dinner before heading to bed in a VERY comfortable real bed. After waking up well rested we set out for a day of some touristy activities. I love a city with good public transportation, it’s cheap, convenient and there’s great people watching. So we hopped on a bus and made our way into the city and towards the harbor! We wandered over to the Harbour Bridge where we had a great view of the Opera House and all the activities taking place in the harbor.


After walking around the harbor we ended up back in the city just in time for lunch hour. We popped in and out of a few shops and enjoyed some people watching—businessmen and women galore running around on their lunch breaks. From there we escaped the city and took a ferry over to Manly Beach. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach watching some surfers and fending off crazy seagulls who were after our picnic lunch. We made it back on the ferry just in time to see the sunset behind the harbor and take a little stroll through the Opera House.



On day 2 we set out to the ever trendy neighborhood, Paddington with plans to head to Bondi beach in the afternoon. I had read (thanks to an article my mom sent me) that the area was filled with great shopping and a few good restaurants. Great shopping was an understatement. The main street was boutique after boutique and then we’d turn down a little side street filled with cute bookshops and more boutiques. There was everything from high end designers to little jewelry stores and everything in between. By 3pm we took a break to stop for a little lunch and realize that our plans to make it to Bondi were a bit unrealistic so we continued shopping and then hopped on a bus home! That night we tried out Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Jamie’s Italian for a little dinner date. After a delicious meal we ended up at a basement bar nearby that was 20s themed. Quite an interesting crowd to say the least.

On our last full day we finally made it to the famous Bondi Beach! It was perfect, not a cloud in the sky. Although we were a bit shocked how crowded the beach was for a Thursday afternoon. After spending the day soaking up the sun and enjoying a bit of people watching we grabbed dinner and caught the bus back to pack up our things. Our stay in Sydney was definitely too short and the we left the city already wanting to plan a return trip. We made it to Melbourne and are having a fab time here so far but we’ll share more about it later!



We’ve been keeping mental notes on funny things people have asked us about the US so we decided to share some of the top ones…

Questions we’ve been asked about the US…
– Is Chicago really that windy?
– If you didn’t have health insurance and you needed to go to the hospital what would happen?
– Does everyone drink out of those red cups at parties?

Fraser Island

Sorry this is a post from last week!

*WARNING:I decided to write a book.

On Thursday morning we were all set to go to Fraser Island. We prepared for the day by putting on swimsuits, flip flops, and grabbing a bag with a couple other essentials we would need for the night. We had heard only great things about Fraser Island. Other travelers we had met claimed the island to be their favorite stop in Australia. We started getting pretty excited on the ferry ride over to see what was to come in the next 2 days. We didn’t even last 12 hours.

We knew we were doing a drive tour on some sort of 4WD vehicle. We did not expect the vehicle to be a school bus. We got on the bus along with the rest of our tour group to meet our tour guide/ bus driver, Martin. (Side Note: If anyone has ever watched the show Lost he is not only the spitting image of John Locke but also acted exactly like him.) If he wouldn’t have told us his background story I would have assumed that he lived in a tree house and spent his nights fighting off dingos. The first thing Martin said to us was, “No one is allowed to mention the weather today.” I think that was the first time we realized how overcast it really was. It wasn’t raining yet so we still had hope that it would clear up.

Our first destination on the bus tour was Lake McKenzie. We were surprised this was our first stop on our 2 day adventure because Lake McKenzie is the main attraction on Fraser Island. So after off-roading on the bus through the rainforest we reached Lake McKenzie. The whole group rushed off the bus to see the beautiful lake. This is what Lake McKenzie looks like on a clear, sunny day.

A secluded lake with white sand and clear blue water! Couldn’t get much better right?

Let me explain how Lake McKenzie works. The surface of the lake acts as a mirror. It reflects the blue skies onto the lake which makes the water look so blue. This is what it looks like on an overcast day…

With all the rain there had been we couldn’t see the white sand and the lake looked like pretty much any other lake.

The group got pretty quiet and awkwardly glanced at each other. I think everyone had heard about the beauty of Lake McKenzie and were a little let down. Since we had 2 hours at the lake, Giana and I decided to get in and try to picture what it looked like on a clear, sunny day. It was nice and quiet on the lake until Martin came belly flopping into the water with a bunch of rugby balls. The next 2 hours were spent like this: half of the group sat on the dock and watched, a french couple put on swim caps and goggles and started doing laps, and the rest of the group played some game with Martin that involved throwing rugby balls at each others heads. Giana and I spent the 2 hours avoiding the game.

At the end of the 2 hours it started raining. We piled onto the bus again to make our way to where we were eating lunch. After some more bus off-roading, we came to a sudden stop. This is when Martin announced that everyone would need to get off of the bus and hike for the next 40 minutes to lunch. By this time it was raining pretty hard. Most of the people on the bus were only wearing flip flops, swimming suits, and coverups (excluding the French couple who brought ponchos)… not appropriate hiking gear, especially in rain. People started slowly making their way off the bus in disbelief that Martin was going to make us hike in the pouring rain. Finally one girl spoke up and asked if we could just ride the bus to lunch if we didn’t want to hike. When we found out we didn’t have to hike the majority of the people got back on the bus and happily waved goodbye to the hikers. After lunch Martin announced there would be ANOTHER 40 minute hike. It was still raining. Giana and I thought there was no way we could sit out on the second hike and started getting ready to go. We then noticed everyone from the last hike climbing onto the bus (except the French couple). Giana decided to go ask a previous hiker what he thought of the hike. His response, “Well I saw trees, trees, and more trees. Oh and the French couple wouldn’t allow us to talk for the 40 minutes because they were trying to spot animals.” Giana and I quickly found our spots back on the bus.

Once again there was a large group sitting on the bus waiting for the hikers to return. There was one other American in our group besides ourselves. She had somewhat of a split personality. One minute she was cursing the trip and the next minute she was acting like Martin’s right hand man. So while we were waiting she decided to teach everyone how to play catch phrase. (If you have never played catch phrase before it’s a game were you try to get people to guess the word or phrase you are given without saying the given word.) We started feeling a little weird during the game because we never realized how much it was based on American culture. We ended up having to describe a lot of American cities, phrases, and restaurants. It also didn’t help when my word was turkey and I said “What do we eat on Thanksgiving?” Thankfully no one minded and even wrote down the name of the game hoping to purchase it in the future.

The hikers finally returned from their trip. They started talking about how awesome it was and how happy they were that they went… except for the leaches. Everyone perked up when they heard leaches. Excuse me? Leaches??? The girl responded very nonchalantly saying they noticed some leaches on their feet at the end of the hike but it was no big deal because they were able to brush them off.
2 minutes later… “AHHH LEACHES!” The girl was not playing it cool anymore when she discovered more leaches on her foot. She was crying and shaking but no one was helping her remove them in fear the leaches would attach to them. Someone yelled, “Get Martin!” I responded, “No! He’ll fry them up and eat them!” We found Martin but he could have cared less. He was too busy trying to catch a snake with the French couple. Everything started to calm down a little until the girl realized the leaches were no longer on her foot. The bus went into complete chaos. Everyone was in search of the missing leaches. I was basically sitting on Giana’s lap laughing/crying as she was screaming “Leaches on the loose!” In the middle of everyone panicking the other American girl somehow found speakers on the bus and started blasting Don’t Stop Believing as Martin drove away bopping his head ignoring the chaos in the back of the bus.

We finally made it to our cabin. The first thing I did was check the weather for the next day. Thunderstorms. That was all I needed to know. After a few phone calls I cancelled the rest of our stay on Fraser Island and booked us the next Ferry out of there.

We still had 2 hours to waste until the ferry so we decided to mingle with the other people staying in our cabin. Everyone pretty much had our same feelings about the day. Many people had unfortunately booked a 2 or 3 night stay on the island. They started talking about the days to come and how they were just going to make the best of their time on Fraser. Then they all started talking about the other American girl and her bad attitude. Supposedly she had been complaining nonstop about the trip and how she wanted to get off the island that night. Giana and I got really quiet. Right then we were asked, “So how long are you two staying?” Since I’m really good at thinking on my feet I decided to respond something like this, “Well…umm…you see… uhh… we are leaving…uh”. Thankfully Giana interrupted me and explained that we booked the trip all wrong and have to return our car to Brisbane by tomorrow morning or else we would have to pay for the car an extra day. Everyone said they felt bad but really I think they were jealous we were leaving. Needless to say, we were very happy pulling away on the ferry waving goodbye to Fraser Island.

Since we didn’t stay on Fraser Island we were able to spend the next day in Noosa and explore the beach town before returning our car in Brisbane the following day. I have to say Fraser Island has become one of my favorite stories from the trip so far. I would even give Fraser a second chance… on a sunny day. Up next Sydney and Melbourne! Can’t wait!

– Caitlin

Waltzing Matilda

Well we are about four hours out of Brisbane so we are very close to returning the car in one piece. Driving on the left side of the road is actually pretty easy. The main problem we have had is turning on the windshield wipers instead of the blinker…and possibly knocking over a few cones (Giana).

We started our road trip to Brisbane by taking a very scenic route to mission beach. We stopped off at a couple waterfalls before making it to the beach and then grabbed dinner before getting what we hoped to be a good nights sleep. It ended up being a not so good nights sleep when we realized we had no AC and our hostel was basically a fraternity house. We got up pretty early to race out of that place.


We drove to Airlie beach the next day. This is where we started our sail trip around the Whitsunday islands. On Tuesday morning we boarded the “Waltzing Matilda” and wouldn’t return until late Wednesday afternoon.


We sailed for a couple hours before stopping on one of the main islands. We went on a little hike which led us to some of the whitest beaches we have ever seen. I kept saying I felt like I had jumped into my Pinterest computer screen. We enjoyed the beach for about an hour until we saw a storm approaching. Everyone else made a run for it but G and I refused to move from the beach. We only ended up sitting in the rain for a little bit before it started clearing up again. Even with cloudy skies it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We climbed back onto the Waltzing Matilda and sailed to Butterfly bay where we would be stopping for the night. There were 12 other people on board with us and almost everyone was in there 20s on some sort of travel adventure. Three of the guys were obviously looking to have good time when we saw all the alcohol they brought. They started drinking around 3 PM and didn’t stop until around 1 AM. I think they forgot that we were on a VERY small swaying boat and not getting off until late the next afternoon. The next morning was pretty entertaining watching the partiers come up from below the deck and probably wanting to throw themselves overboard. We spent the day chasing blue skies and making a few stops to go snorkeling. Overall it was a great trip! We met some interesting people and had quite the experience sleeping on a boat.




We drove to Hervey bay today and are waking up early to catch a ferry to Fraser Island where we will be staying the night. We have a pretty nice set up in our hostel tonight and are currently sitting on a couch, eating chicken fried rice, and watching tv. We almost feel like we are back in St. Louis in our apartment. The only things we are missing are a bottle of siracha and Carol.

We’ll post again soon!


With the rain came a pretty amazing rainbow…